Chemotherapy Hair Loss Side Effects

If you are one of the people interested in the chemotherapy hair loss side effects most probably you already know that chemotherapy is a combination of drugs that attack the cancer cells. The bad news is that the drugs also attack the healthy cells of the body, such as the hair cells.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Side Effects


Chemotherapy usually causes hair loss on the entire body. Some of the chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss more often than others.

The smaller doses cause hair thinning while others lead to complete baldness. You should talk to your doctor about the medication you will be taking to know what to expect.

What to know?

The good news about the side effects of chemotherapy of hair loss is that in the majority of the cases the effects are only temporary and 10 months after the treatment you should have your hair back. However, at this point the hair could have a different texture and shade.

What to expect?

When it comes to the chemotherapy hair loss side effects it is good to know that the hair may fall out suddenly, in clamps, or gradually. Most probably you will see hair on your brush or your pillow and the scalp can become tender. The hair loss continues during the entire time of treatment and a little after too.

Negative effects of chemotherapy like hair loss

It is possible that you won’t become completely bald because of the treatment. In some cases the new hair is curly and some people noticed that their hair color changed a bit as well. The color will return to the normal color as soon as the pigments regulating the color will be produced normally again.

Can you prevent it?

You have to face the fact regarding the chemotherapy hair loss side effects that there is nothing you can do to ensure that your hair won’t fall out as a result of chemotherapy. The best thing you can do is to plan ahead and to make yourself comfortable with your new appearance.

Scalp hypothermia

In order to avoid the hair loss adverse effects of chemotherapy it is possible to place ice packs on the scalp to slow down the blood flow to the scalp. You shouldn’t worry about the chemotherapy hair loss side effects, but think about the fact that you are going to get better.


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