Best Ways to Take Care of Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are extremely popular these days but as they keep getting more popular, the quality of the way they are done has been going down. If you are interested in getting hair extensions done, then it is very important to find a professional who is expert at extensions.

Fusion hair extensions have been even more popular but they are difficult to take care of at the same time. A lot of people are totally unaware of how fusion hair extensions are to be maintained. For their help, the following are the best tips to take care of fusion hair extensions:

fusion hair extensions

  • The first tip to maintain your fusion hair extensions is not to wash your hair until 48 hours after you have got the extensions done or installed.
  • Another superb tip to take care of fusion hair extensions is to brush your hair dry completely by making use of an extension brush both before entering the shower as well as before going to bedtime. This helps to prevent the matting and tangling of the extensions and also helps to spread the nourishment of the oil throughout the hair extensions.
  • Another step to take care of fusion hair extensions is to never wash your hair upside down and do not wash hair sooner than every 2 days or less. Also, hair must not be scrubbed too rigorously and aggressively. The shampoo as well as the conditioner must not get on to the bonds.
  • It is very important to choose and use a good quality hair conditioner as well as shampoo. Those shampoos and conditioners which contain sulfur as well as alcohol must be avoided as they tend to break down the bond or the fusion hair extensions faster than one may want.
  • While styling your hair extensions make sure that you use a thermal heat protectant solution. Excessive heat must not be applied to the bonds and a flat iron must not be used.
  • While going to sleep, always braid hair into two side braids or you can also try to tie a high ponytail in order to avoid the tangling of the fusion hair extensions. You can use a satin pillow because these cause minimum tangling.
  • While swimming, always wear a swim cap to protect your hair.
  • You must never fall asleep while you have wet hair extensions.


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