Useful Tips to Remember While you are Buying a Wig

A wig is an artificially made head covering woven from human hair, synthetic fiber or sometimes even animal hair. Initially it was used to look fashionable and attain a makeover with different hairstyle, but nowadays it’s also used to hide baldness hair problems and chemotherapy.

However, buying a wig that will suit your face and style is not a very easy task. You need to keep some pointers in mind while buying the right wig to compliment your look. Here are the tips that should be remembered while you buy a wig to jazz up and beautify your look –

tips to remember while you are buying a wigConsider the Shape of your Face

This point is vital while you are buying a wig as hairstyle suit you as per the shape of your face. Luckily if you have oval shaped face, all kinds of wigs will suit you. In case, your face is square shaped, choose longer wigs that have layers and curls; oblong faces also can carry curly wigs very well. A heart face shaped face goes good with a chin length wig or a little longer.

It should be useful

If you are buying a wig just for one day purpose, then you can follow your whims, but if you intend to use it long term and spending a fortune on it then make sure you consider the requirement and lifestyle you follow. If the wig can be worn often, if it will match with the personality, profession and style you follow – these are important considerations to be made.

Check the Size

Improperly fitted wigs fall off, get lose and make you look funny and can bring embarrassing situations. A wise step is to measure the size and volume of your head before visiting the wig store. Once you buy it try wearing it in the store itself so that the size adjustments can be done if needed.

Wig Colour

Matching the colour tone of the wig to your original hair and skin tone is very important. Otherwise the wig will looks artificial and completely out of place. The wig colour should naturally blend with your style; you can use your eyebrows as the guide to see if the tones are matching. Of course highlighted streaks in a wig do look good but the contrast should be matching with the facial features perfectly.

Natural or Synthetic?

Both natural and synthetic wigs have pros and cons. If you buy natural ones that are made of human hair, they are more expensive and needs professional styling every time you wear it; thus this gives you better flexibility. Natural wigs obviously give you more natural look than synthetic ones. Synthetic wigs are cheaper and do not need high end care and maintenance. These are already pre-styled and you can just wear it immediately and it does not need any further styling.

Use a Wig Cap as Well

Check the wig cap very carefully while you buy, it should be fitting your head circumference perfectly so that you can pull you real hair through easily. There are many high quality wig caps available that are hand stitched, if you will be using a wig regularly then buy a durable wig cap as well.

See the Anchoring Options

Wigs come with a number of anchoring options like tape tabs around ears, fasteners at the back, adjustable straps etc. These are for added security that your wig will not fall off during the wear. If you do not have hair at all to use the wig, you can get a comfortable headband to do the same job.

Always go for a good quality wig or else it will be embarrassing visually; right length, weight, a proper brand – these are vital points to check while buying a wig. Talk to a professional hair stylist before buying a wig to get the best deal.


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