5 Things to Know Before Getting Extensions

The red carpet and top fashion models have their own secret that is extensions. Extensions are not only for adding extra length to the hair, you can wear them with different styles like clip-on bags or strands of blue or different colors. But before experimenting with extensions you must keep in mind these 5 things:

5 Things to Know Before Getting Extensions

1. Have a clear idea about your lifestyle

There are actually three different types of hair extensions.

  • The entry level: The barrels with the hair attached can be taken out easily at any moment. They are favored by the beginners as they are pretty user-friendly.
  • The tape extension: The hair is held by strong invisible bi-adhesive tapes which are undetectable and last for nearly 7-8 weeks. If you are changing your hair color often, then you must go for this extension.
  • Keratin extension: The extensions are attached using a High Tech process that works along with sound activation to bind the keratin of the extension and the normal hair. They usually remain attached for more than 3 months and are suitable for people who are into exercise, yoga or other physical activities.

2. Knowing the right color match.

The best way to get the right color for your extension is to match the color with the end of your hair lock and not the roots. Go with the color which is most prominent to the natural hair you have. Usually, most women don’t have a fixed shade of hair and so the colors of the extensions are blended for most of the part. The shade of your extension must also match your skin tone.

3. Quality of Extension

The quality of extension materials include:

  • Synthetic extension: They are the most affordable ones, but they tangle easily and have a superficial shine which obviously makes them look unnatural.
  • Non-virgin hair: These type extensions are usually treated with chemicals to change its texture and are not as favored as it looks much more damaged.
  • Remy extensions: They are the highest quality extensions available. They look nearly like your real hair, so they hold on to the style and texture.

4. Do proper maintenance

Just like normal hair, extensions also need regular washing and proper care. You need to wash them up in every 6 to 8 days but it mainly depends on the amount of time you’re using them. Before washing the extensions comb out any tangles. Then use shampoo and conditioner which is free of sulphate and let them bath for around 45 minutes. Always dry them up before using any kind of heating instruments on them.

5. Know when to let it go

You will find people saying that extensions damage your hair. They say this because the extensions are not removed professionally. You can’t wear extensions that were meant for 3 weeks, for 2 months. Make sure that these extensions are not heavy. Heavy extensions will pull your hair downwards and eventually might lead to shredding of your hair.


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