What to Look for When Choosing a Short Haircut?

In case you are thinking about getting rid of all that hair (not all of course) for sure you have your eyes on a short haircut. Nonetheless before you allow your tresses to be cut, you should make sure that the hairstyle that you have chosen is suitable for you.

Your options regarding a haircut that is short

The first thing you should do is to learn more about your face shape. This is the most important factor that you have to keep in mind when looking for a new hairstyle. Not all styles compliment your facial features so find the one that balance your features.

Short Haircut

Another very important thing to consider when looking for a haircut that is short is your hair type. You might like a hairstyle, but it is possible that you will never achieve the look that you want because your hair doesn’t allow you to.

Do your homework regarding the short haircut that you like. You should gather photos from magazines or from the internet so you will be able to show them to your hairstylist. This is important so that he or she will know exactly what short haircut you would like to have.

Fine hair

In case you have fine hair, you should decide what length you would like to have. Remember that your hair doesn’t have a lot of body, and so you have to make sure that you will actually be able to style the new haircut that is short. One of the hairstyles that you should really consider is the bob. You should have your hair layered to make it look fuller. The hairstyle is best in case of fine hair that is straight or has a bit of natural waves.

Another option that you have regarding a new short haircut is the pixie. The advantage of the hairstyle is that it adds texture to the hair. Make sure that you use some gel or hair mousse to add the lift that the hairstyle requires. Don’t forget that the main point of the hairstyle is to be messy.

Medium hair

It is a blessing to have medium hair, because it is the easiest to create a haircut that is short with it, because it isn’t too thin or too thick. Consider going for a short hairstyle that has a lot of layers and that has a wispy length in the back and at the sides.

In case you are tired of fighting with the curls of your hair, you should start working with them. This haircut that is short makes it possible to enhance your curls and they are quite easy to style.

Having a short haircut is just perfect to have a flip at the ends. Try a bob that ends at the chin and that comes with razored ends. Although you will have the good old bob, you can add a modern twist to it and you will have people turning their heads after you, if that is something you can live with.


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