10 Trendy Haircuts Rocking the Scene These Days

– Looking for a new style? Have a look at these hottest haircuts of the season

In case you are looking for new hairstyles for the following season, most probably you are interested in the hottest styles of the season. For this, you should take a look at the trendy haircuts of the celebrities.

1. Blunt cut

Trendy Haircuts

If you are considering getting a blunt cut, think about the style that Jessica Alba has. We could say that it is a classic one, almost vintage. The interesting thing about it is that it isn’t chopped into. The only special thing about the style is represented by the few longer strands that frame the face. The advantage of the style is that it is suitable for just any face shape and it is perfect for straight hair.

2. Textured bob

Trendy Haircuts

When thinking about the textured bob, for sure you have in mind the style of Scarlett Johansson. Her messy hairstyle is a bombshell. In order to achieve the same look, you should ask your hairstylist to chop up the ends and razor them. Also it is important for the hair to be shorter than shoulder length. The hairstyle is just perfect if you have medium, wavy hair and it works for every face shape.

3. Free spirited waves

Trendy Haircuts

In case you would like to have a hairstyle that is effortless yet sexy, consider the style of Mila Kunis. To get it, you need long and wavy hair. It is suitable for every hair type, except for fine hair. The best thing about it is that it is extremely versatile. Regardless of your hair type, you should make sure that your hairstylist snips away a bit at the ends so that they will be rough.

4. The untamed tousle

Trendy Haircuts

It is possible that you aren’t into the romantic look. In this case you should take into consideration the tousled hairstyle of Rachel Bilson. The good thing about this trendy haircut is that it is touchable and relaxed. The style works best if you have long, thick and wavy hair. Maybe it is time you stopped fighting with it and just let your hair loose. Rachel has angled layers that are cut in the back and at the sides for movement.

5. Long layers

Trendy Haircuts

If classic is your style, then take a look at the long layers of Kate Middleton. The cut itself is quite simple: you just need long locks with some layers around the face to frame it. This is what you should ask your hairstylist for, and also make sure that the layers are thick and chunky. The bounce will come with the styling. For this you need some polishing cream or serum.

6. Long pixie

Trendy Haircuts

Michelle Williams proved that a short hairstyle doesn’t necessarily have to boyish. The longer layers on the top offer the hairstyle a sexy look. Also the wispy layers at the sides and the back have contributed to this special look. The hairstyle is most suitable for fine to medium hair types. Keep in mind that if you have curly, coarse or thick hair, the style could become too puffy. If you happen to have heart shaped or oval face, this is the hairstyle for you.

7. Oversized bangs

Trendy Haircuts

There are some women who get scared by the oversized bangs, but Emma Stone isn’t one of them. She made a drastic change when she got them, but you could have the same success as she did with the new style. Ask your hairstylist to start with the bangs at the outer corners of the eyes and have the ends razored so that the bangs will become lighter. Also it is important to have layers around the hair, focusing around the face.

8. All over layers

Trendy Haircuts

The new hairstyle of Kerry Washington with the layers all over looks amazing with her face shape. If you would like to have a hairstyle of this kind, you have to remember that the layers could do magic for the medium length hairstyles. This is because the layers create the illusion that your hair is thicker than it is in reality. The fun thing about the hairstyle is that you can play with the bangs, creating different parts.

9. Angled bob

Trendy Haircuts

When it comes to the angled bob, there are a lot of people who are thinking about the hairstyle of Jenny McCarthy. This new style may become more popular than ‘Rachel’ ever was. It is already considered to be one of the new classics. The popularity of the style is due to the long front locks that make a round face look thinner. If you get this trendy haircut, make sure that you get piece-y layers.

10. Enhancing haircut

Trendy Haircuts

In case you have naturally curly hair, then you should stop hiding it, and move on to enhancing it, just as Maggie Q did. In this case it is better to be molding the hair than cutting it creating chunky lines. The layering should start at the shoulders and make sure that you don’t get a pyramid style and that the hair doesn’t become puffy.


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