Choose the Perfect Haircuts for Long Hair

In each year there are some popular haircuts for long hair, and we have to say that in the next season one of the trendiest hairstyles will feature shoulder length hair. This is because this length is the most advantageous for the majority of the face shapes.

There are numerous celebrities who have such long hair’s haircuts, such as Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway. They have decided to give up their long locks and go for different kinds of shoulder length hairstyles.

Haircuts For Long HairLayering for the long hair’s haircuts

The truth is that the same length hairstyle isn’t suitable for everybody, and so you should consider layering. The advantage of layering is that it adds fullness to the hair and also texture, not to mention that it helps to keep curly hair under control.

Although layering is great, when it comes to haircuts for long hair you shouldn’t have too many layers in the back, because in the end the top of your hair could look too heavy.

It is best to have the layers in the front so that they would frame the face. Although this isn’t a danger in case of long hair’s haircuts, in case of short hair you shouldn’t have any layers above your eyes. On the other hand, in case of long hair, you shouldn’t have any layers above the earlobe, because you could end up having an unwanted retro hairstyle.

A flattering length

Although women are known for having haircuts for long hair in the majority of the cases, it is best to opt for the shoulder length styles, because they are advantageous for the majority of face types. In case you happen to have an elongated face shape, the long hair could make it look even longer.

Regarding the hair type, the flat and thin hair could be made even lifeless if it is weighted down. In case wavy hair is too long, it will simply get out of control. These are some aspects that you should keep in mind when considering long hair’s haircuts.


In case you wouldn’t like to change much about your hairstyle, adding bangs could be a nice way to freshen up your looks. One of the cutest ideas that you may use is to get nice and long side swept bangs. In the same time the longer blunt bangs also look amazing. Regarding the haircuts for long hair in case of curly or wavy hair, the bangs might not be your best option.

U or V?

In case you are looking for long hair’s haircuts, you should make sure that the front strands are shorter than the ones in the back. This way you could have more length without looking childish. Also you can achieve a nice style that is always considered to be feminine and sexy.

There is a lot to think about when looking for haircuts for long hair and you have to make sure that the style is suitable for the shape of your face.


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