5 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Face Look Thinner

We do all sorts of things to make ourselves look slimmer and thinner.  We go on harsh crash diets, weight loss programs, join gyms and starve ourselves but we often forget that a simple change in hairstyle can take away a lot of weight from the face and make it look thinner.

These hairstyles work in a way that your face appears slimmer to the onlookers by creating a certain effect. The following are the 5 most effective hairstyles for all those you wish to make their face look thinner:

1. Layers

layersPhoto Credit By: theoryhairsalon.com

One of the most effective hairstyles which is recommended to make the face appear thinner is layers.  For those who have a round face, layers work excellently to soften the curves and add to the bone structure near the cheekbone area.  Even for those who have flat hair, layers can work magically to add volume to the hair, thereby making the face look slimmer.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bobPhoto Credit By: hairstylesidea.us

Another hairstyle which is considered great for making the face look slimmer is an asymmetrical bob.  This kind of a hairstyle lends your face a flattering look and is also a very trendy and chic hairdo. This kind of a bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front.  This cut tends to lengthen the face and elongates the neck.

3. Long Shag

long shagPhoto Credit By: beauty.about.com

If you wish to make your face look thinner, then another hair cut that you can try is long shag.  This is a superb hairdo for rounder faces. The longer length of this hair style draw the eye down and helps in slimming down your face.  Moreover, the layers of this hairdo soften the curves of a round face and make you look more feminine.

4. Wispy Bangs

wispy bangsPhoto Credit By: bellasugar.com

You can try out wispy bangs as another hairstyle for making face look slimmer. While going for this hairstyle, make sure you have a shorter fringe in the middle whereas the edges must have longer fringes to create a slimming look. Pack your hair in a bun and keep the fringes flowing.

5. Side Parting

side partingPhoto Credit By: glamour.com

Keeping a side parting is another great way to make your face look thinner. Whatever hairstyle you have, avoid keeping the natural parting and try out parting your hair from the other side.  This can create a unique and different look and help making your face thinner.  The off center look is great for those who have round faces.


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