Top 6 Haircuts to make you Look Taller

Not everyone is blessed with a great height. However, haircuts can help you to look taller for sure. Instead of running behind the real height increasing procedures like pills and exercises; these haircuts will prove to be a quicker option to “look taller”.

A common perspective says that if anyone is petite and wish to look taller, the person should go for a short haircut. This article too guides you with various short haircuts and there is a logical reason behind this idea – a short woman if wears a very long hair will look even smaller because the hair does not seem proportionate to the figure.

Once the hair is shorter, the visual focus moves upward the face and automatically the figure seems taller. Check out these haircuts that are worth a try to look taller –

haircuts to make you look tallerHair Styles to make you Look Taller

1. You can ask your hair stylist to give you some bangs in front. That will help you to look taller than you are.

2. But if you like to get haircuts then go for something short. Shoulder length hair is good and will make you look tall. You can also opt for a boy cut with slightly long sides. They too make you look tall. This becomes all the more effective if you have a long neck. Exposing the neck makes you look pretty tall.

3. You can try the pixie type hair cut. This way the person looking at you will concentrate on the other features of your body as they look much elongated. But if you have a bigger body frame then avoid this as this will make you look round and short.

4. If you are plump and short then a shoulder length haircut should suit you well. This will maintain the proportions. You can also try the chin length cuts as they will help you to look balanced.

5. If you love long hair, consider keeping it straight and cut into layers. A single layer has the best effect to look taller – also choppy layers or highlights in between brings variety to the long hair, and does not show the dwarfing effect.

6. If you have a tomboyish personality; try out the bob cut, keeping the sides trimmed in comparison to the middle portion. Keeping the extra volume on top will add inches to your height. Gelled look goes well with this kind of haircut.

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