The Top 3 Hair Cuts for Oily Hair

Women with oily hair usually face problems in adopting the right hairstyle – whatever way you tuck in the hair it looks limp and lifeless. Oily hair will make any hairstyle look thin, by which, the look is spoilt completely. However, thanks to reputed hair stylists, now we all know that even if you have oily hair, you can surely look out for ways that can provide you with voluminous hair.

There are many right ways of styling and cutting your oily hair and getting the best look out of it. A few tips for the best three haircuts for oily hair are mentioned below; check these out and look at your best –

Bob Hair Cut

bob hair cutIf you have thin and oily hair, it is effective to hide the same. A messy bob cut will look extremely trendy. You can choose to blend the straight hair and curls so that an amazing look can be given. Bob hair style will make you feel comfortable always and you will never be irritated of the oily hair when this hair cut is adopted.

Pixie Hair Cut

 pixie hair cutPixie hair cut is done by keeping your hair short towards the sides and back and good length is maintained on the crown. This helps in concealing the fineness of the hair. Hair looks fluffy and gorgeous with this hair cut and you need not put in a lot of efforts for maintaining your hair when you have adopted this hair cut. Your hair is sure to gain good texture as well as volume with this hair cut.

Trim and Curls

trim and curlsTrim your hair to the required length, preferably short and then, give it a curly look. A curly look would look the best if you have oily hair. It looks voluminous and is also easy to maintain. Curls are elegant and look the best on any occasion. Hence, if you have greasy hair and still want to look different, it is recommended to curl your hair after you trim it well so that this will look the best on you.

So if you have oily and greasy hair, do not worry. You can adopt any of the above mentioned hair cuts as per your comfort and need. These types of hair cut will help by providing good volume to your hair and hence, are the best for oily hair.


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