Can Emo Haircuts for Girls Be Stylish?

For sure you have seen emo haircuts for girls before, and you may be one of the girls who actually like them. Although you might think that they are easy to create, because all you need is some creativity, the truth is that getting a hairstyle of this kind could be a bit more complicated. The things to be considered for the girls’ emo haircuts are:

Side part

In the majority of the cases the hairstyles come with a side part. To get it right you should think about which side of your face you like the most, and part the ¼th of the hair from the side.

Emo Haircuts for Girls

To make sure that the style will look good you will have to bring the hair forward from the back, from almost your crown for coverage in case of girls’ emo haircuts.

Blonde hair

You may have seen that there are numerous hairstyles that feature blonde hair, and this is because this is the color that enhances the most the emo haircuts for girls. In case you don’t want to dye all of your hair, you could have some fun highlights in a bright color.


When it comes to the styles regarding girls’ emo haircuts, you should know that race isn’t your best option. Instead you may consider getting long hair with bangs swept to the side for the biggest effect.


As it has been mentioned before, you could get some highlights for the emo haircuts for girls if you don’t want to dye all of your hair. Naturally it’s not only blonde that you should be thinking about. Instead you could try blue, purple or red. No matter which color you opt for, make sure that it won’t ruin the rest of your hair.

Part it

Even though you might not like to part your hair, in case of the girls’ emo haircuts you must have a part. This could be a natural part, where the hair parts on its own, or a forced part, where you create the part. If you would like to have the part in a certain place, make your hair part there, until it naturally falls that way.


It is a known fact that the emo haircuts for girls need a lot of maintenance, including coloring, straightening and blow drying. If you would like to make the process simpler you could apply some volumizing spray and straighten the hair for the ultimate emo look.

Hair extensions

It is quite common to see hair extensions in case of the girls’ emo haircuts, such as the feather extensions of hair which come in several different lengths and colors. There are human hair extensions and also the synthetic ones. Just find the one that works for you.

As an idea for the emo haircuts for girls, you should go for the clip on extensions since they are a lot easier to wear and change. The good thing about them is that you can get different ones each week so that they will match your outfits.


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