Top Reasons to Choose Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircuts are the easiest to manage and style. Medium length is uniformly popular among celebrities and among the common women. Here are a few popular haircuts that look wonderful and suit almost every kind of face and personality.

Medium length haircuts are smart

Medium hair lengths are popular as they provide volume and spark. They are easy to mange and easier still to change. In fact, one does not even need to get a complete haircut to change the style.

Medium Length Haircuts

A few front layers or bangs will change the look completely without having to change the hairstyle per se. Just the way you style mid length hair will give you different look each time. A few highlights on the edges will give a fine textured look to medium length hairstyles.

Towel dried hair and naturally dried hair bring out the texture of mid-length haircuts better than blow-drying them. If you have to blow dry, they use the drier upside down to keep the natural volume of the hair.

Why choose mid length haircuts?

Mid-length hair styles suit almost every face type, are very versatile and can be easily adapted to a new look with minimum fuss. A few scrunches or waves change the look completely.

An occasional layering or highlighting job adds a lot of character to the haircut. A few minutes of work can change these hairstyles from cute to formal or from pretty to glamorous.

Popular mid-length haircuts

The Chop

The “Chop” is among the leading medium length haircuts. It is similar to blunt but not quite blunt. The perfect mid-length hairstyle is neither too short nor too long. It should just kiss about the collarbone and it should not be too blunt, because this will destroy the look of the “Chop”. The trick is a feather razor that will make the lines look clean and yet provide a lot of texture to the hair. The hair is long enough to swing back and still sexy.

The Shag

If you are bold and adventurous, you can try the medium shag haircut. This mid-length haircut looks sexy and totally adorable. The mid length shag has defined ends and front bangs that partially cover the face. The Curled Out Bob

A very playful and fun medium length haircut would be the curled out bob. The hair is almost shoulder length with parted bangs that are sleek. The ends should be crimped and tousled to look sexy. The hair is layered and volume is added at the top for the perfect finish.

Natural Curls

Those who have a head full of curls look exceptionally sexy with mid length haircuts. Natural curls falling to shoulder length look very good. The curls can be scrunched up to add to the effect. Tight curls followed by wavy bangs look super cool.

Many celebrities endorse the medium length haircuts. They change their looks and hairstyles to suit the occasion, as it is easy to adapt the mid-length hair to a style of choice. Opt for this convenient hair length and see the flair it brings to your looks with minimum fuss.


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