Haircuts for Long Face- Style With a Difference!

The long face can be done up with some of the most interesting hair styles. It is the kind of face that needs a little volume around the cheek bones and a style embracing the top that makes the upper portion of the face prominent. There are several styles that could be tried out. Long faces must always be embellished with the longish structured set of hairstyles.

Long layers

Long layers

Long layers are one of the most wonderful haircuts possible for a person with a longish and elongated face. It gives a feeling of fullness to the face and a sleek look to the hair around it.

There are several styles that can be brought about using long layers, and depending upon the faces, you must ask the hairstylist to add the extra and special touch.

Long layers bring volume to the crown and make the cheekbones and eyes prominent, by adding the layers around the cheeks. This style thus best befits a long face.

Long bob/ Stylish Bob

A traditional bob cut brings the hair straight to the level of the jaw. The long bob cut is the perfect fit for a long face, with longer layers and covering the face up to the neck and the bob cut beautifying the area around the jaw and chin.

Long bob cuts add an extremely stylish look to the long face. It is one of the in-styles or one in vogue.

Bob cuts have several styles. The other bob is for the women with straight hair. You can prefer the stylish straight bob cut that falls all around the face like a perfect shroud.

Short haircut with long layers

For women fond of short hair, the short hair cut that creates a stylish canopy around the head is what best suits a long face. The highlighting of cheekbones is very important in case of long faces. Thus the haircut with long layers flowing down in nice curves over the forehead and shorter layers covering the head in fullness makes the face look full and draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

This is one of the most glamorous styles that can fit best on the longer face structures.

The pixie cut

One of the favourites with many women is the very short pixie cut. The pixie cut adds a volume to the crown and the short hair with longish side brims focuses attention on the eyes and face. It is one of the most trendy and hot styles that adorn the modern women.

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