2012 Haircuts for Guys

In case you would like to find out about the latest trends regarding haircuts for guys, you should take a look at the fashion shows for the next season. These shows have set the trend for the following period, and for sure you will find some styles that you would like to try too.

Long hair

The truth is that we haven’t seen long hair on the runways for a long time, and so it is refreshing to see the style again. Naturally we’re not talking about just any kind of long hairstyle, but the ones with the beachy look.

Haircuts for Guys

To achieve this one of the guy’s haircuts there is need for some waves to make the hair look like the person in question has been dipping right before.

Curly hair

It is difficult to find guy’s haircuts for curly hair, but in this season there are some that you will like. One of them is the hairstyle that features shorter hair in the back and on the sides, allowing the curls to be present only on the top of the hair.

This way you can achieve some height on the top, and it will be easier to control your hair.


Although these kinds of haircuts for guys have been present for a longer period of time, it looks like they are here to stay. We could say that the responsible person for the spreading of the style has been Justin Bieber, but since then a lot more guys have been seen with the same style.

Straight hair

If you are looking for guy’s haircuts for straight hair, then you should consider having short hair in the back and on the sides, and slightly longer hair on the top of your head. Use the hairbrush and a bit of gel to make the hair stand up. It looks like the style is back in force.

Beachy waves

It is known that the beachy waves are popular among women, but now it turned out to be one of the haircuts for guys as well. For this you need slightly longer hair and, naturally, you also need your hair to be slightly wavy. Although you might think that the style is difficult to care for, it is relatively low maintenance.


Nobody ever said that the guy’s haircuts need to be practical, and this has been proven by some of the designers that came up with some hairstyles that are pretty difficult, if not impossible, to create at home on your own. Nonetheless these could be used as a source of inspiration for your next style.


For sure you remember the haircuts for guys of the ’80 when guys had styles that looked as if their hair was flipped back on the top. Although you might think that the style is retro, it is coming back in force, naturally with a more modern twist to it.

There are numerous haircuts for guys to choose from and make sure that yours is a modern one.


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