Hairs can Speak a Lot your Personality!!!

The way we speak what we speak and the way we show our emotions are few things which showcase our personalities. But what is surprising is that even our hair speak a lot about our personality. These things are derived from the basic principles of Chinese medicine and are usually true for people. The following are some of the points about our hair personality:

hairs can speak a lot your personality

Women Who have Thicker Hair often have a Strong Willpower

Those females who have thick and strong hair usually showcase an undying willpower and never say die attitude. This sometimes even goes to an extent of being stubborn but they are someone who keep going till the end. On the other hand, those who have thinner hair may often be delicate and may lack willpower.

Women Who have Long Hair are Afraid of Changes in Life

Another thing about hair personality is that the women who have very long hair are often found to be afraid of the changes in their life. They do not want things to change and like the way their life is moving.  They are sentimental and believe in following a certain pattern. They are scared of taking risks.

Women Who have Curly Hair and Want to Straighten them have a Chaotic Life

Another hair personality trait is that women who have curly have and those who wish to straighten them all the time usually have a very chaotic life. It is a known fact according to Chinese medicine that all things in life strive for a balance.  This means that those who wish to straighten their hair feel calmer after doing so.

Those Who like to Flaunt their Naturally Curly Hair are Usually Fun Loving Types

Those women who have naturally curly hair and do not mind flaunting them are usually known to be fun loving in nature and have mushy hearted kind of personalities. They have fiery personalities and showcase leadership qualities, love, passion and insight. They are known for their expressiveness and are touted to be drama queens.

Those Who Love a lot of Hairstyling Adore Drama in Life

Those women who love sporting heavy duty hairstyles usually adore drama in their life and are usually quite self critical. They are worried about how they look what they wear and usually like to get attention from others around them.


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