12 Weirdest Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities often do anything they can to attract attention towards themselves. They may date costars just for publicity or wear strange clothes to capture media attention. Apart from this, some celebrities just keep strange or plain weird hairstyles.

Be it male celebrities or female celebrities, every now and then we spot them with rather edgy looking hair dos which put them on Page 3 of newspapers. Let’sread about the 12 most weird celebrity hairstyles:

1. Helen miller, 2013

helen millerPhoto Credit By: elle.com

Helen miller made headlines for adorning a bubblegum pink colored pixie which definitely looked cool on her but was rather a weird hairstyle.

2. Angelina Jolie, 2000

angelina joliePhoto Credit By: elle.com

Angelina Jolie came with her black Morticia Addams locks which reached down to her hips to the Oscar ceremony. That look didn’t quite go down so well with fans.

3. Rihanna 2011

rihannaPhoto Credit By: posh24.com

Rihanna wore a Crayola red hair style back in 2011 and accompanied it with some curls. This look of hers could be counted as a weird hair style.

4. Cassie, 2012

cassiePhoto Credit By: elle.com

she adorned a half-shaved look in 2012 which we must say was a bold move. At that time it seemed awkward but has suddenly now come into vogue.

5. Drew Barrymore, 2009

drew barrymorePhoto Credit By: elle.com

Drew Barrymore sported a half hair chameleon dip hairstyle which puts her straight into this list of the weird hairstyles.

6. Jada pinkett Smith, 2013

jada pinkett smithPhoto Credit By: elle.com

Jada shaved her hair from both sides, leaving only the mid-portion intact, tied up in a ponytail. Infact, she bleached her sides and added to the weird-factor.

7. January Jones, 2013

january jonesPhoto Credit By: elle.com

The gold streaks of hair that this actress sported last year and the slicked back sides with it makes her an entry onto the list of the weirdest celebrity hairstyles.

8. Jennifer Aniston, 2009

jennifer anistonPhoto Credit By: elle.com

This actress is always in news for her awe-strucking hairdos but on one occasion, she adorned an haute hippie hairstyle with dreadlocks and this look too can be tagged as ‘weird’.

9. Nicole Richie, 2013

nicole richiePhoto Credit By: elle.com

This actress once colored her hair grey and brought the ‘grandma’ look into trend.

10. Gwen Stefani, 1998

gwen stefaniPhoto Credit By: elle.com

Back in 1998, Stefani experimented a blue bun hair look, which we must say was quite ahead of that time.

11. Jennifer Morrison, 2013

jennifer morrisonPhoto Credit By: elle.com

This actress sported one of the coolest hairstyles in 2013 and won all the points for creativeness and a little bit of strangeness.

12. Kelly Osbourne, 2014

kelly osbournePhoto Credit By: elle.com

Coloring your hair lavender seems to be the mantra for weird hairstyles and this was the trend that Kelly Osbourne seems to be following.


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