Lustrous Hair Secrets of Celebrities

All women irrespective of age nurture a common dream of having hair that is long, shiny and thick just like the on-screen divas. Most women think that these celebrities go through frequent hair treatment and spa and so, have lustrous hair or expensive products to get that shine in their hair. But that is not true. They use simple techniques to maintain those silky locks and even the celebrities prefer to stay away from products that contain chemicals. Here are some simple things you can do to make your hair healthy and shiny like celebrities.

lustrous hair secrets of celebritiesWash your Hair with Cold Water and not with Hot Water

Most of you do not think about the temperature of the water you are using for washing your hair and scalp. Hot water is good for you if you have an oily scalp as it helps to open the pores and clean the dirt and the oil. But there are many disadvantages well. It can make your hair over porous and make it frizzy as well. Hot water washes away the natural oil from your scalp that is responsible for making your hair healthy and shiny. Cold water on the other hand can retain the moisture and the natural oils of your hair and increase its shine. So, if you have oily scalp, use lukewarm water to wash the scalp but for the rest, it is cold water.

Oil your Hair Regularly

Oil has been used since centuries to improve the health of hair. Oil is known to have multi-dimensional on your hair. It improves the tensile strength, prevents breakage and reduces frizziness. It also forms a protective layer and prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle. If you are into blow drying your hair frequently, then make sure that you oil your hair at least once in a week. Visit the spa once a month or once in two months to rejuvenate your hair cells.

Massage your Scalp

Many celebrities think that oil is not enough and you should go for serious oil massage as this ensures proper blood circulation that in turns stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. There are a few ayurvedic oils that can strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.

Apply Conditioner

This especially important if you have dry hair but make sure that you are using a good one.

Many celebrities suggest having supplements that are rich in Omega-3 to improve the strength and shine of your hair.


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