Celebrity Secrets to get Shiny Hair

There is not a single woman who does not wish for long and shiny hair. Healthy locks make you feel pretty and confident of your looks which help in enhancing your overall personality.

All of the girls out there have been in awe of the perfect shiny hair of their favourite onscreen celeb at some point or the other. Given below are some tips coming straight from these stardom personalities which are surely going to help you fix your hair and get those picturesque looks.

secrets to get shiny hair

Wash your Hair

It is a very common misconception that not washing your hair is a good practice. However, according to Danilo, a famous celebrity hair stylist, washing your hair with a good shampoo atleast thrice a week is a very important step towards making your hair shiny, bouncy and attractive.

Avoid using soap on your hair at all costs. Giving your hair a final rinse with the cold water is a very good practice to get extra shiny hair, says hair stylist Errol Douglas.

Use of Hair Serum & Conditioner

Martyn Maxey, one of London’s finest hair dressers and stylists, says that it is very vital to use conditioner on your hair after shampooing as it helps close the hair cuticles making the hair smoother.

It is also an advisable practice to apply a light serum on your hair while it is still wet. According to Errol Douglas, doing this starts the drying process and reduces the need for excessive blow drying.

Get the Right Heating Tools

Danilo believes that it really pays good to get the right heating tools. Using ceramic, ionic or infrared tools not only offers quicker drying time but also dries your hair in a manner that is healthier.

Andrew Collinge recommends using a long round brush with short bristles made of nylon or plastic when drying your hair. The end result is gleaming soft hair which reflects light beautifully.

Pampering with Essential Hair Oils

Pampering your hair with good hair oil is a very old yet effective technique to get smoother hair. UK based award winning hair dresser, Jo Hansford recommends a hair replenishing treatment by simply heating the hair oil before gently rubbing your hair with it.

Leave your hair oiled for some time before washing the oil off. While oiling, pay special attention to the ends. Indian based actress Deepika Padukone keeps it simple by regularly oiling her hair with coconut based hair oils.

Right Products

It is important that you do not change your hair products frequently and stick to a particular brand depending upon your hair texture and the type of finish you want. Joseph Coyne at Umberto Giannini says that for shinier and healthier hair, you should use the right products which must have shine-enhancing properties.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, it is very important to eat lots of fruits and veggies, and protect your hair from dust and direct sunlight in order to keep your tresses glossy, strong and damage-free.

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