The Best 4 Celebrity Secrets for Hair Growth

We always look out for celebrities as our role models and make sure to follow their pat, especially in terms of beauty tips and fashion. Getting fascinated with their hair and hair styles is very common and you can also have such long, lustrous and beautiful hair just by following their hair secrets.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Anniston, Britney Spears are well-known for their long, beautiful and strong hair. They know what suits their hair and make sure to follow the right things that will facilitate in a healthy and strong hair growth. Even you could do the same by following the tips mentioned below.

 celebrity secrets for hair growthGooseberry Oil

This oil is popularly known as Amla oil. You can find most of the Indian celebrities like Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan advertising for the gooseberry oil. This oil is also mentioned in the Ayurveda and includes a lot of antioxidants in it. Apart from using this for good hair growth, it is known to have anti-graying properties. Make sure to give a good oil massage with this oil and be get blessed with beautiful and long hair very soon.


Henna is a well-known product used for getting good hair color. However, it is known for such properties that also repairs the damaged hair and provides with healthy, strong and long hair. Hair will turn out to be shiny and thick once you have used this. This got famous in Egypt initially and has now been turning out to be popular throughout the world.


This is a plant that got popular in America and is well-known as soapweed. It is a wonderful remedy for problems like dandruff and hair loss. Shampoos are manufactured from the extracts of this plant and it will surely result in beautiful hair growth. It is advised to use this shampoo at least twice or thrice a week for effective results.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is well-known for providing with good moisture to the hair. It helps in nourishing the hair and provides with shiny and long hair. Most of the hair care products would have some content of argan oil in them. It is advised to make use of this hair oil at least twice a week for positive results.

Having beautiful and long hair will undoubtedly be everybody’s dream and by following any of the above mentioned tips, it is sure that you will have excellent hair like those of the popular celebrities.

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