10 Inspirational Celebrity Hairstyles

— Get inspired the celebrity way!

Usually the women looking for a new hairstyle turn to the celebrities to get some inspiration. Maybe you will find some hairstyles as well that will determine you to change your old style. So, here we go with the most inspirational celebrity hairstyles 2012:

1. Jennifer Aniston – Shinny Strands

celebrity hairstyles 2012

The long shiny strands have already become a signature look for Jennifer Aniston. In the majority of the cases, she has a straight and long layered hairstyle. This could work for you in case you have healthy and thick hair. You should have some product applied at the crown to add height and also add some to the ends to keep them straight. The secret of this hairstyle is to blow dry the hair with the help of a round brush.

2. Yvonne Strahovski – Cropped structured layers

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

The hairstyle of Yvonne Strahovski is a beachy one that has been created through cutting a square bottom at the back of the neck and having longer strands in the front. In case you have thick hair, you should have some choppiness at the bottom. The actress has long bangs, below brow line that can be swept to the side. The side swept bangs work for just any face shape.

3. S.J. Parker – Boho babe textured locks

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

SJP has always been a fan of individualism, and this can also be seen through the hairstyles that she opts for. In the majority of the cases, she has beachy waves and some highlights that create her boho style. To achieve the waves, you should curl the ends of the hair with the help of a curling iron and then loosen them by finger combing.

4. Naomi Campbell – Cleopatra style face framing cut

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

The model’s Cleopatra hairstyle looks best on women with heart or round shaped faces. The hair is of collarbone length and it has a blunt cut. In the end, the hair should be thinned a bit using thinning shears. She has long bangs, so long that they fall above the lashes. Apply some gloss to the hair and then flatiron it for maximum shine and so you won’t have any flyaways.

5. Kate Winslet – Light polished shorter curls

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

The shorter curls of the actress look really polished. In order to achieve the same hairstyle you should be using curl enhancing products and also a conditioner. Make sure that there are no frizzes. The best thing you could do is to allow the hair to air dry as much as it can before you blow dry it to avoid heat damage. Then curl the sections with the help of a curling iron.

6. Brooklyn Decker – Volume and short layers

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

With volume and short layers, this one is one of the popular celebrity hairstyles of 2012. If you would like a hairstyle just like hers, you should make sure that you have your hair cut without having to sacrifice the volume. The hair should be of shoulder length, and it is best to have the layers longer in the front than in the back.

To achieve a tousled and sexy look, you could have some shorter layers on the top. For the style, you will need to apply volumizing spray on your damp hair and then blow dry the hair.

7. Kate Hudson – Layered bangs braided with glamour

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

For an evening look, this is the perfect style. In case you will have loose braids, you can achieve a sexy and glamorous look that is easy to create. All you have to do is to blow dry the top of the hair and don’t forget to scrunch the ends to add some natural texture. Before pulling the hair in the back, you should apply some dry shampoo to add body and to make the hair easier to braid.

8. Olivia Palermo – Sleekangled lob

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

The angled bob is a really popular one. In the back the hair is shorter, above the neck, while in the front the hair is of collar bone length. There is some added movement through the long layers. It is known that in case the hair is parted in the center, it could look flat. To add some volume you should blow dry the hair with the help of a round brush and add some light hold hairspray to the roots. The hairstyle is just perfect for the girls with oval or angular face shapes.

9. Anne Hathaway –Shoulder length classic line

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

It is good to know that the shoulder length hairstyles are suitable for the majority of face shapes. Nonetheless such hairstyles could look a bit heavy on the sides in case you have a round face shape. If this is the case, the hair should be of the same length with a bit or layering at the ends. To achieve this celebrity hairstyle you should apply some volumizing mousse and then blow dry the hair.

10. Kelly Washington – Enhanced color on blunt bangs and layered curls

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

To achieve the same look you should make sure that the color of the roots isn’t the same as the color of the ends. This way your hair won’t look like a wig. In order to have natural looking highlights, they should be created through using the balayage technique. The best thing about it is that you won’t have to visit your colorist that often. To make the best of your hair color, you should add some gloss.


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