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perfect hair care routine for people with long hair

The Perfect Hair Care Routine for People with Long Hair

Hair is known to be the “crowning glory” of a person’s look. If you have long, black tresses, you are lucky and blessed as...
vitamin a

7 Best Hair Vitamins to Deal with Hair Loss

At some point in life, almost all of us have experienced hair fall and hair thinning problems. Knowing that hair is a vital part...
top minerals to try for beautiful and healthy hair

The Top Minerals to Try for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair but due to several reasons, achieving this objective may seem challenging. Several factors like diet, lifestyle habits, genetic...

5 Surprising Foods that are Excellent for Hair Health

It is a well-known fact that our diet affects our skin as well as our hair health.  In order to ensure good hair health...
argan oil

6 Natural Oils for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Hair health is as important as the overall health of the body.  It is important to care for your hair on an everyday basis...
natural oils for hair growth and strengthening

The Best Natural Oils for Hair Growth and Strengthening

When it comes to hair care, nothing beats the importance of oiling and massaging. Hair oils and other natural products have a tremendous impact...

The Top Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

Our hair definitely has a huge impact on our overall personality and hence must be cared for. The more gorgeous the hair, the more...